Basics of Htaccess Part – III

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Add MIME types using .htaccess

How to add MIME types using .htaccess

In our previous article Basics of Htaccess Part – II, we have understand How to enable compression using .htaccess. In this article we will learn how to add MIME type using .htaccess. 

MIME stands  Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions. It is used to classify the file types on Internet. Sometime web hosting account is not configured to server certain mime types with the proper content type. Then browser can not understand the file types of a file. Using .htaccess, we can instructs to browser, what file type is?

To setup a MIME type, we have to create a .htaccess file and specifies that we are adding a MIME type using keyword ‘AddType‘.

Here is a list of various MIME types and some associations:

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