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How To Upgrade From HDP 2.3 To HDP 2.5 Using Ambari On Centos

HDP 2.5 Upgrade Steps ######### Pre-Upgrade ######### Step 1: First, upgrade hdfs heap size to at least 2 GB (1GB will fail) Ambari > HDFS > Configs > NameNode Java heap size  -> 2 GB + Step 2: Login through putty and do the mentioned steps # Make Directories mkdir /opt/ambari-upgrade mkdir /opt/ambari-upgrade/hdfs mkdir /opt/ambari-upgrade/postgress # make directories writable

How To Integrate SQuirreL With Apache Phoenix

  If you’re looking to use a client GUI, or graphical user interface, to interact with Phoenix, you might want to give SQuirreL a try. SQuirreL is a graphical java program that lets you see the structure of a database, browse the data in tables, and perform SQL queries. Installing SQuirrel Download Squirrel from

How To Install Hortonworks Sandbox – VirtualBox on Windows

In the current time if we want to lean Big data concept then we required minimum of 2 machine. If you are not able to manage the resources then  no problem, we can learn Big Data on Hortonworks Sandbox  using Oracle virtual machine, Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) provides Single-Node cluster. To use the Hortonworks Sandbox on Windows you must have the