Form validation in Codeigniter 3.0

Due to lots of spamming and hacking we already recommend server side validation in PHP. We can implements form validation in Codeigniter 3.0 very easily using “form_validation” library. So first we have to include “form_validation” library: [crayon-5ab14a24c617e344653536/] Using set_rules function we will set the validation rules. [crayon-5ab14a24c6192061649265/] The above methods take four parameters as input: Field name – same

How To Create Layouts In Codeigniter 3.0

Codeigniter 3.0 does not have any layouts feature by default. We have to write some basic php code for enabling layout concept in codeigniter. In this tutorial we will explain how to create custom layout or template for CodeIgniter 3.0. In the below steps we assumes the page have 4 sections e.g header, footer, left

How To Remove index.php From URL in Codeigniter

Once we install the default Codeigniter 3.0 then by default there is index.php in the URL. So the URL looks like For SEO point of view we require a clean URL and codeigniter provide easy way to remove index.php for URL rewrite functionality. It can be easily achieve by using .htaccess and few changes in