Basics of Htaccess Part – III

How to add MIME types using .htaccess In our previous article Basics of Htaccess Part – II, we have understand How to enable compression using .htaccess. In this article we will learn how to add MIME type using .htaccess.  MIME stands  Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions. It is used to classify the file types on Internet. Sometime web hosting account is

Basics of Htaccess Part – II

How to enable compression using .htaccess In our previous article Basics of Htaccess Part – I, we have understand how to Restrict users to access pages from site using .htaccess. In this article we will learn how to enable compression using .htaccess. In the current word web technology compression is required for good speed of

Basics of Htaccess Part – I

htaccess stands Hypertext access, is a directory level configuration file for use on web servers running the Apache Web Server software. Directory level means, where we locate out .htaccess file, it configure that directory only. We can do lots of things using .htaccess, few major functionality like URL rewriting, Password protected directory, URL re-directions and