How To Check If Current Page Is Homepage In Magento

Some time we required any specific functionality on the homepage of Magento. In this article I am going to explain basic code for Magento through which we can identify the page on which we have. If we like some js, css or image files need to be loaded on home page only. Of course we

How To Create Simple And Configurable Products In Magento Using PHP

No doubt, in the current time Magento is the best PHP e-Commerce application. It has lots of feature, but personally I dislike the way they are providing to add configurable products. For example, if we have to add 100 products and each product have 4 variants of size then we have to do product entry

How To Get Currency Code & Currency Rate In Magento

In magento we are using three type of currency code Base currency,Default currency and Current currency code. Base currency is the currency that is used for online transaction from your store. Default currency is the currency used to display pricing in your store. Current currency is the currency currently chosen by the user for displaying

How To Get Order Details From Order Id In Magento

Some time in Magento we required to get order details from order ID. In this tutorial, we are going to explain you how to get order details from order id. Before proceeding at next level, we just let you know that there are two types of order ID’s, one is order id (also called Real

How to remove .html from category and product URL for Magento

This magneto tutorial for those PHP developers who just started work on magento web shop. This is the general question by any beginner how to remove .html from category and product URL for Magento webshop. So now the answer is follow just 4 steps and problem will be resolved. Follow the below steps to remove .html from