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Top 5 Free WYSIWYG HTML Editor For Your Website

WYSIWYG stands “What You See Is What You Get”. WYSIWYG HTML editor’s are perfect solution for any CMS, LMS or content based website where we required to manage the content in formatted way. WYSIWYG HTML editor allow users, and clients to format their page content or text without the help of designer or develoeprs. There

Top 5 Best Website Hosting Services of 2014

StepBlogging is here to help you choose the web hosting service for your website. Choose your favorite & launch your site today! Data has been collected from respective hosting company. These are good and cheapest webhosting. WebHostingPad Unlimited Hosting Space* Unmetered Bandwidth* Unlimited Domain Hosting Unlimited Email Accounts 30 Day Money Back Guarantee BlueHost Unlimited

Top 10 PHP Frameworks For 2014

PHP is a very powerful and well known platform. Almost 50% of the web is powered by PHP. As a PHP developer, you have to know that framework make things simple, manageable and fun to work with. There are many PHP frameworks and its very tough to select one of them. This post have compiled

Top 20 Programming Languages

The IEEE Spectrum Survey IEEE Spectrum recently completed a survey which uses no less than ten sources to rank the popularity of programming languages: search results in Google data from Google Trends tweets sent on Twitter GitHub repositories StackOverflow questions Reddit posts Hacker News posts demand for jobs on the Career Builder job site demand

Top 5 online tools to check the website performance

1. Google Developers: Analyze and optimize your website with PageSpeed tools to implement the web performance best practices URL: 2. WEBPAGETEST: WebPagetest is a tool that was originally developed by AOL.The online version at is run by the WPO Foundation for the benefit of the performance community with several companies and individuals providing the testing