Country State City Dropdown Using PHP, MySQL & Ajax

In this post we are going to explain about Dynamic Selection of Dropdown in PHP and MySql using Ajax and jQuery. Country state and city dropdown mostly used in web application. We load the record dynamically from the database with ajax call without refreshing the whole page. DOWNLOAD CODEDEMO First we will create a database with 3

How To Load Data On Page Scroll Using JQuery

In the current world web load content while page scroll is mostly used by most of the major websites like Google, Twitter, Facebook etc. While we scroll down, the page load more and more content using Ajax request and this is called infinity scroll. In this tutorial we are going to explain you how to

Multistep Registration Form Using PHP, MySQLi and jQuery

Sometimes we required to capture lots of user details during registration. Due to this we got long forms on our website. So the best solution is to break into smaller logical section and convert it into a multi step form. This type of mult step form always improves usability on our site comparing very long

How To Create Parent Child Category Tree Using PHP & MySQLi

In this tutorial we are going to explain how to create nth level category tree using PHP and MySQLi. We have write a very simple php function and call recursivily. We can also achieve this using array and stored procedure, which we will post in our next article. DOWNLOAD CODEDEMO First we have created a

PHP Email Verification Script Using MySQLi

Most of the websites have feature to verify your email upon user registration to avoid spamming and fake registration. The easiest and common way to verify email id using PHP and MySQLi is to send an activation link on registered email id and user will be activated once click on activation link. Db Connection: [crayon-5ab14a1de52d0154693336/]  index.php  Get

Username Availability check using php, mysqli and jQuery

This tutorial will help you to check username is available or not in database using php, mysqli and jQuery. Same like Twitter, Yahoo and Google it will suggest us the availability whether the username is available or not before form getting submit. This is the very useful script and this concept used by almost all

Autocomplete search using PHP, MySQLi, Ajax and jQuery

Autocomplete search very well knows feature in word web technology. It just a input field and when we type any letter, a list will display having matching keyword. This is very similar to facebook autosuggestion search box or Google autosuggestion search box. In this tutorial we will explain how to implement autocomplete search using php,

How to use MySQLi in PHP

After deprecation of MySQL extension, people uses PDO or MySQLi to interact with database. Here we will discuss how to use MySQLi for our basic needs like select, insert, update and delete records using PHP. In MySQLi, “i” stands from “improved”. Why we use MySQLi? MySQLi is object oriented and support Prepared Statements which are

Top 15 MySQL GUI Tools

MySQL GUI Tools help us to manage our MySQL database. It’s a visual database design tool which integrates SQL development, administration, database design, creation and maintenance into a single and the useful development environment for MySQL database systems. There are lots of MySQL GUI Tools available in the market and developers face many problems in selecting

How to Reset forgotten mysql root password

In this article we explain how to reset MySQL root password when we forgot it on Linux OS. If we want to change the password of mysql root user then just login with root user and update mysql user table. But if we lost our root password of MySQL then how to reset forgotten MySQL