How To Create Custom Taxonomy In WordPress

What is Taxonomy in wordpress? Taxonomy is a wordpress feature to group content like posts. Tgas and categories are in-built taxonomy to group posts in WordPress. WordPress provide facilities to create our own custom taxonomies. So in this tutorial we are going to see about how to create custom taxonomy in WordPress. Register Taxonomy: register_taxonomy()

Ajax Contact Form With Captcha

Contact form is a common feature of many websites. Standard contact forms work just fine, but we can make them nicer by using AJAX to submit the form data in the background. In this tutorial we will describe how to create a Ajax based Contact form using jQuery and PHP. Ajax PHP Contact Form allows

Country State City Dropdown Using PHP, MySQL & Ajax

In this post we are going to explain about Dynamic Selection of Dropdown in PHP and MySql using Ajax and jQuery. Country state and city dropdown mostly used in web application. We load the record dynamically from the database with ajax call without refreshing the whole page. DOWNLOAD CODEDEMO First we will create a database with 3

Basic PHP File Handling

In this tutorial we will explain, how to work with file operations using PHP. This is one of the most fundamental topics of server side programming including PHP. There are inbuilt PHP function through which we can read, write, create, rename, delete files and much more. This tutorial is basically for those guys who are beginner in this

Shorten URL Using ADFLY API And PHP

In my previous tutorial I have explained How To Use Google URL Shortener API Using PHP. Today, In this tutorial I will explain you how to Shorten URL using Adfly API in PHP. Adfly is one of the most popular URL shortener service provider. It is providing an API to implement this service in your

Submit Form Without Page Refresh Using jQuery, Ajax and PHP

In this tutorial we are going to explain the highly demanding jQuery functions $.post() and $.ajax(), using these two functions we can submit the web forms without refreshing the Page of our site, The jQuery post() and get() methods are used for HTTP POST or GET request from the server. This tutorial will guide us


To use PHP CURL functions, first we have to enable libcurl library. It will allow us to connect from various servers by different protocols.Most of the payment gateways using CURL for taking request from merchant server. In this tutorial we are going to explain how to make an HTTP POST with PHP and CURL passing several

How To Integrate Google Map API Using PHP

To display geographic information using Google Map is a very important and demanding feature of website. To integrate Google Map is a difficult task for PHP beginners. In this tutorial we are going to explain how to integrate Google Map API using PHP and display the location on Google Map. DOWNLOAD CODEDEMO A simple HTML

How To Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway Using PHP

There are lots of payment gateway available in the web market like PayPal, iTransact, Card Gate Plus, SagePay, ANZ eGate and many more. Today, we are going to introduce one of the most powerful payment gateway for Web and Mobile payment. Yes, we are talking about Stripe Payment Gateway. Integration of Stripe payment gateway using

How To Login With Twitter Oauth Using PHP

Most of the web application now using social networks oAuth  authentication like Facebook, Google and Twitter to improve the their user comfort level. Using social oAuth don’t need to create separate login credentials for your web application. In this tutorial we are going to explain how to integrate Twitter oAuth authentication to web application using PHP. Follow