How To Create Simple And Configurable Products In Magento Using PHP

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magento products
No doubt, in the current time Magento is the best PHP e-Commerce application. It has lots of feature, but personally I dislike the way they are providing to add configurable products. For example, if we have to add 100 products and each product have 4 variants of size then we have to do product entry for 500 times, which is very painful. We are using Magento and there is no any perfect solution for this magneto version on net. So we have created a script which take input as an array and will create simple and configuration products both. You can create your own CSV and convert CSV data to an array using CSV read functionality.

Few Steps which you have to execute this script:

  1. Create category and use same category is in an array (e.g. line 25).
  2. Create attributes and user same attribute id (e.g. line 91).
  3. Use same attribute code which you have created in Magento (e.g line 69).
  4. If you have huge amount of products then execute this script using PHP command or Cron.
  5. Upload image using FTP and use the path of images (e.g. line 166)

Import Product PHP Script:




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