How To Get Order Details From Order Id In Magento

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magento order detail

Some time in Magento we required to get order details from order ID. In this tutorial, we are going to explain you how to get order details from order id. Before proceeding at next level, we just let you know that there are two types of order ID’s, one is order id (also called Real Order ID) and second one is order increment ID. Now the question is what is order id and order increment id.

Order ID: Order ID is the internal Magento order ID. entity_id (primary key) column value of table sales_flat_order.
Order Increment ID: Order Increment ID is the user friendly number which we communicate to your customer. It’s a combination of store view id, few zeros and an increment number kept in the table eav_entity_store.

Fetch the real order ID from order increment id in Magento:
Let’s assume your order increment id is 10001234 and we need real order id, then use mentioned code

Fetch the order details by order increment ID:

Fetch the order details by real order ID:

Fetch the order total value:

Fetch the order items detail:

Fetch the shipping method from order:

Fetch the payment method code from order:




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