How To Install Hortonworks Sandbox – VirtualBox on Windows

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In the current time if we want to lean Big data concept then we required minimum of 2 machine. If you are not able to manage the resources then  no problem, we can learn Big Data on Hortonworks Sandbox  using Oracle virtual machine, Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) provides Single-Node cluster.

To use the Hortonworks Sandbox on Windows you must have the following resources available to you:

  1. 64 Bit Machine
  2. Operating System – window 7
  3. RAM min 4GB (Recommended 8GB )
  4. Oracle virtual box (Download Here)
  5. HoltonWorks HDP Sandbox (Download Here)

Installation Steps:

STEP 1:- First we have to enable Virtualization in our machine.
STEP 2:- Install oracle virtual machine.
STEP 3:- Import the Sandbox appliance file i.e. HoltonWorks HDP Sandbox .Open virtual machine and then File ⇒ Import appliance  (Browse and select Hortonworks HDP from your machine.)
STEP 4:- Wait till appliance imported.
STEP 5:- After installation go to setting tab

System ⇒ Motherboard :- Select base memory 4GB (Figure 5.1)
System ⇒ Processor :- Select processor 2 CPU (Figure 5.2)
Network ⇒ Adapter 1 :- Attached to NAT (Figure 5.3)
Network ⇒ Adapter 2 :- Attached to Host-only Adapter (Figure 5.4)
Shared Folders ⇒ Add shared folder and mark Auto Mount ‘Yes’ (Figure 5.5)


Setup DHCP: Enable DHCP so that we can access ambari server through IP and its required when we configure SQL client to access.


Turn on the Sandbox. Select the appliance and click the green Start arrow. Wait while the VM boots up. When the process is complete, the console displays the login instructions for the Sandbox.

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