How To Use Google URL Shortener API Using PHP

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google url shortener php

There are lots of URL shortener API available  in web market. Here we are going to discuss Google API for URL shortener using PHP. The short url’s is important in social media platform when we post our articles.

Google offers URL Shortener API for free with a daily limit of 1,000,000 requests. For more API access you need to enable to Billing. We can access the Google URL shortener API through REST calls. To working with this API first we need Google Shortener API Key. We have created a live demo with captcha protection,you can download the source code. To get the Google Shortener API key follow the mentioned steps:

  1. Login with Google Developer Console
  2. Create new or select exsisitng project.
  3. Select APIs under APIs & auth
  4. Enable “URL Shortener API”
  5. Create new key under Credentials

Google Shortener API Class: This class is used for URL shorten as well expend the shorten URL

Now, how to use this API class.



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