Integrate AWS RTMP distribution with Signed URL using PHP and JWPlayer

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RTMP AWSIn current time Amazon Web Services CloudFront is a best way to distribute streaming media. Here we will discuss only for RTMP streaming play on different bit rates. In previous article AWS Elastic Transcoder Using PHP explained how to transcode media on AWS cloud.

This tutorial help you to create a signed CloudFront URL for RTMP streaming. First we have to setup RTMP CloudFront distributions on AWS and allow to automatically grant itself permissions to the S3 bucket.

Few things which we have to take care during signed URL Creation

  1. Specify the expiration date and time in Unix time format.
  2. Include only the stream name e.g in your s3 bucket there media “stepblogging.mp4″ under “blog” folder then stream name will be “blog/stepblogging”
  3. Key-Pair-Id: The ID for an active CloudFront key pair

RTMP streaming with JWPlayer:

Very  Useful Online Tool For Testing:


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