iTransact Payment Gateway PHP Code

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The XML API features allows submission of transaction requests using API key credentials. Using this system, merchants and resellers can submit orders, voids, etc. through any their gateway accounts.

Download ITransact PHP Source Code

Supported API Requests

This action is used to generate sale transactions and preauthorizations. This also contains the instructions to originate a transaction and set it to recur automatically.
This action is used to generate batch settlements. This also allows for testing batch settlements.
This action will generate a credit/refund transaction for a transaction that was not originally processed through the gateway.
This action will generate a postauth (capture) for a previously run preauth transaction.
This action will a generate a refund for a previously run transaction.
This action will generate a force (capture) for a previously failed transaction.
This action will generate a sale transaction from a previously failed or successful transaction.
This action will void any sale, credit, or refund transaction if processed prior to the daily batch settlement.
This action is used to determine the status of a request that was interrupted for some reason.


iTransact Gateway API Documentation

Official Support Website

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