MySQL Storage Engine / Table Type

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There are various storage engine for mysql tables

  1. MyISAM
  2. InnoDB
  3. MERGE
  6. CSV
  7. Blackhole


  • It is default table type for before mysql 5.5
  • Does not support transaction.
  • Its provide table-level locking


  • It is default table type for after mysql 5.4
  • Fully support ACID-compliant and transactions
  • Support crash recovery, multi-version concurrency control and row-level locking.
  • Only InnoDB provides foreign key referential integrity constraint.


  • Its provides a way to combine many identical MyISAM tables into one logical table, which referred  as MERGE tables.


  • Its create table in memory.
  • Provide table-level locking.
  • Does not support transaction.
  • It is ideal for creating temporary table.
  • Data for memory storage engine is lost when database restarted.


  • Its allow to store large amount of data, into a compressed format to save spaces.


  • Its store data in CSV files.
  • It can be easily integrated into other applications.


  • Its not store data, and bsically used to distributes database design.
  • We can used Blackhole database for performance testing.


  • Its offers the ability to sepearte MySQL server from many physical servers.
  • Local federated table stores no data but when we query data from a local federated table, the data is pull automatically from the remote federated tables.

Comparison Table

Comparision Table

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