How to auto resize textarea like facebook using jquery

In Facebook textarea resized based on the content. There are lots of jQuery plugin through which we can achieve this. Here we will discuss on autoResize jQuery plugin. AutoResize plugin resize the textarea automatically on the fly based on the contents which we are putting same like Facebook. How plugin works? When the textarea content

How to fetch facebook cover page image using jQuery

One of my follower asked, how they can get facebook cover page image using jQuery. In this tutorial we will explain how to get facebook cover page image using jQuery and facebook graph. Facebook graph API provides us the feature so that we can just pass the facebook username as a parameter and in the

How to make facebook friends search using jQuery & PHP

Facebook used a nice user interface for friend search in friends listing page. Here we are using jQuery to make Facebook friends live search. This script can be integrated easily and can be used for any type of search like products, news etc. We are using very simple jQuery script, just few line of code

How to fetch Facebook likes, share, comments count from an article using PHP

  In the current web technology, Facebook share, like and comment playing a big role to promote any article, post or web page. Some time our client wants to show facebook like, share and comment without using any third party social share plugin for the website pages. There are lots of ways to achieve this