How To Integrate Google Map API Using PHP

To display geographic information using Google Map is a very important and demanding feature of website. To integrate Google Map is a difficult task for PHP beginners. In this tutorial we are going to explain how to integrate Google Map API using PHP and display the location on Google Map. DOWNLOAD CODEDEMO A simple HTML

How To Use Google URL Shortener API Using PHP

There are lots of URL shortener API available  in web market. Here we are going to discuss Google API for URL shortener using PHP. The short url’s is important in social media platform when we post our articles. Google offers URL Shortener API for free with a daily limit of 1,000,000 requests. For more API access

How To Integrate Google New reCaptcha Using PHP

Recently Google has been introduced new reCaptcha API called “Are you a robot?”. They name it “NO CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”. reCAPTCHA is a free service and It is designed to protect your website from spams and abuse. In this tutorial we are going to show you how to integrate it into your website using PHP. Please look

How to count Google Plus +1 for a URL using PHP

Google plus data publically available in JSON format and we can use some information for Google +1 count. So we can fetch Google +1 count using JSON-RPC POST call. In this article we are writing a simple PHP script using CURL and JSON. We hit our request on with the URL of website and

How To Check Google Page Rank Using PHP

What is Google Pagerank. It’s a ranking given by Google to any page (between 0 to 10) which is based on total numbers of backlinks to page. Pagerank is an algorithm to calculate the importance of webpage. In Search engine ranking, Pagerank is an important factor. Higher the pagerank will get higher SERP (search engine

How to convert currency using Google API and PHP

There are lots of API available to convert currency, but here we are using Google Finance Currency Converter . There are basically 3 parameter required: From Currency, To Currency and Amount. Using these three parameter we are sending HTTP request on “Google Finance Currency Converter” and in response getting raw data in HTML format. In