How To Limit Number Of Characters In Textarea Using jQuery

In this tutorial we will explain, How to Limit Number of Characters in Textarea using jQuery like twitter or YouTube that count number of characters in textarea & show the number to exceed the limit of the textarea using simple jQuery. First we will create simple textarea form from where user will enter the content:

How To Get Client IP Address Using jQuery

Using any server side programming language, its very easy to get the client IP address. But the things are moving towards from client side scripting, so we need a way so that we can get the client IP address using jQuery. In this tutorial, we are going to explain this by 2 free online services

Country State City Dropdown Using PHP, MySQL & Ajax

In this post we are going to explain about Dynamic Selection of Dropdown in PHP and MySql using Ajax and jQuery. Country state and city dropdown mostly used in web application. We load the record dynamically from the database with ajax call without refreshing the whole page. DOWNLOAD CODEDEMO First we will create a database with 3

Scroll To Top Using jQuery

There are lots of websites having scroll to top feature so that their visitors can easily move to top of website by one click. If you have long length page then your website must have scroll to top feature.  It is very simple to do with jQuery (just a few lines of code). Using jQuery,

How To Take Screenshot Of Webpage Using PHP & jQuery

We have read lots of screen capture jquery libraries. But today we are going to introduce a jquery library “Html2Canvas JS”, a very simple jquery library to take screenshot of particular section of webpage or full webpage as per requirement. So first you have to download latest Html2Canvas jQuery plugin from https://github.com/niklasvh/html2canvas/releases. Now in this

Create Social Content Locker Using jQuery

We are using social networking websites to share our article and ideas. However we are also using networking websites to boost our website traffic. We saw a website where main content has been locked and the message appears The content is locked! Please like us to unlock content.  We have found the jQuery plugin through which

Submit Form Without Page Refresh Using jQuery, Ajax and PHP

In this tutorial we are going to explain the highly demanding jQuery functions $.post() and $.ajax(), using these two functions we can submit the web forms without refreshing the Page of our site, The jQuery post() and get() methods are used for HTTP POST or GET request from the server. This tutorial will guide us

How To Load Data On Page Scroll Using JQuery

In the current world web load content while page scroll is mostly used by most of the major websites like Google, Twitter, Facebook etc. While we scroll down, the page load more and more content using Ajax request and this is called infinity scroll. In this tutorial we are going to explain you how to

How To Detect Credit Card Type And Validate Numbers Using jQuery

We all are working on shopping cart application or any other website having transaction using credit card. We always required client side validation to verify credit card type or user using valid card number. In this tutorial we are going to show you that how to detect credit card type and validate credit card number

Ajax Upload And Resize An Image Using PHP & jQuery

Today I am going to explain most important feature of any web application called Ajax upload and resize an image using PHP & jQuery without refreshing the browser. In my previous tutorial I have explained How to Upload Image Using PHP and JQuery. I am extending this and including image resizing feature. Using PHP we