Autocomplete search using PHP, MySQLi, Ajax and jQuery

Autocomplete search very well knows feature in word web technology. It just a input field and when we type any letter, a list will display having matching keyword. This is very similar to facebook autosuggestion search box or Google autosuggestion search box. In this tutorial we will explain how to implement autocomplete search using php,

Top 15 MySQL GUI Tools

MySQL GUI Tools help us to manage our MySQL database. It’s a visual database design tool which integrates SQL development, administration, database design, creation and maintenance into a single and the useful development environment for MySQL database systems. There are lots of MySQL GUI Tools available in the market and developers face many problems in selecting

How to Reset forgotten mysql root password

In this article we explain how to reset MySQL root password when we forgot it on Linux OS. If we want to change the password of mysql root user then just login with root user and update mysql user table. But if we lost our root password of MySQL then how to reset forgotten MySQL

PDO database connection in PHP

As we all PHP guys know that MySQL is deprecated in PHP 5.5 and we have to use new extensions like MyQLi or PDO (PHP Data Objects) for database integration,In this article we will explain you how to PDO connection for MySQL database. This article is basically for PDO Beginners. We explain few basic things