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How To Upgrade From HDP 2.3 To HDP 2.5 Using Ambari On Centos

HDP 2.5 Upgrade Steps ######### Pre-Upgrade ######### Step 1: First, upgrade hdfs heap size to at least 2 GB (1GB will fail) Ambari > HDFS > Configs > NameNode Java heap size  -> 2 GB + Step 2: Login through putty and do the mentioned steps # Make Directories mkdir /opt/ambari-upgrade mkdir /opt/ambari-upgrade/hdfs mkdir /opt/ambari-upgrade/postgress # make directories writable

How To Integrate SQuirreL With Apache Phoenix

  If you’re looking to use a client GUI, or graphical user interface, to interact with Phoenix, you might want to give SQuirreL a try. SQuirreL is a graphical java program that lets you see the structure of a database, browse the data in tables, and perform SQL queries. Installing SQuirrel Download Squirrel from

How To Install Hortonworks Sandbox – VirtualBox on Windows

In the current time if we want to lean Big data concept then we required minimum of 2 machine. If you are not able to manage the resources then  no problem, we can learn Big Data on Hortonworks Sandbox  using Oracle virtual machine, Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) provides Single-Node cluster. To use the Hortonworks Sandbox on Windows you must have the

How To Create Custom Taxonomy In WordPress

What is Taxonomy in wordpress? Taxonomy is a wordpress feature to group content like posts. Tgas and categories are in-built taxonomy to group posts in WordPress. WordPress provide facilities to create our own custom taxonomies. So in this tutorial we are going to see about how to create custom taxonomy in WordPress. Register Taxonomy: register_taxonomy()

How To Limit Number Of Characters In Textarea Using jQuery

In this tutorial we will explain, How to Limit Number of Characters in Textarea using jQuery like twitter or YouTube that count number of characters in textarea & show the number to exceed the limit of the textarea using simple jQuery. First we will create simple textarea form from where user will enter the content:

How To Get Client IP Address Using jQuery

Using any server side programming language, its very easy to get the client IP address. But the things are moving towards from client side scripting, so we need a way so that we can get the client IP address using jQuery. In this tutorial, we are going to explain this by 2 free online services

Ajax Contact Form With Captcha

Contact form is a common feature of many websites. Standard contact forms work just fine, but we can make them nicer by using AJAX to submit the form data in the background. In this tutorial we will describe how to create a Ajax based Contact form using jQuery and PHP. Ajax PHP Contact Form allows

Country State City Dropdown Using PHP, MySQL & Ajax

In this post we are going to explain about Dynamic Selection of Dropdown in PHP and MySql using Ajax and jQuery. Country state and city dropdown mostly used in web application. We load the record dynamically from the database with ajax call without refreshing the whole page. DOWNLOAD CODEDEMO First we will create a database with 3

Basic PHP File Handling

In this tutorial we will explain, how to work with file operations using PHP. This is one of the most fundamental topics of server side programming including PHP. There are inbuilt PHP function through which we can read, write, create, rename, delete files and much more. This tutorial is basically for those guys who are beginner in this

Scroll To Top Using jQuery

There are lots of websites having scroll to top feature so that their visitors can easily move to top of website by one click. If you have long length page then your website must have scroll to top feature.  It is very simple to do with jQuery (just a few lines of code). Using jQuery,